Jews Against Genocide statement and action

We, Jews Against Genocide, came to Yad Vashem, Israel’s memorial of the genocide committed against Jews, to honor the Palestinian children who are dying in a genocide committed by Jews. We brought dolls to symbolise the children of Gaza, and tried to bring a glimpse of the horror that Gazan’s face, to Israel’s doorstep. We… Read More »

Concentration in Madrid in front of the Israeli Embassy

On the 24th of July 2014, a protest was held in front of the Israeli Embassy in Madrid (Spain). Hundreds of people gathered in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Some activists displayed dolls stained with fake blood, symbolizing the death of innocent children in Gaza as a result of the latest Israeli military operation… Read More »

Right-wing Israeli group faces counter demonstration in Chicago

On Tuesday, July 22, 2014, Stand With Us, a pro-Israel right wing group in America, organized a Stand with Israel protest outside of the Israeli consulate in downtown Chicago, IL. The Coalition for Justice in Palestine, a coalition of Palestinian, Muslim and Arab community, religious and student organizations in Chicago, convened a Stand With Gaza… Read More »

Open letter to Mr. Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon: stand for law and Justice or resign!

Dear friends, Thank you so much for signing the open letter to Ban Ki moon. BADIL has published the letter on their website find the link below. Together Our voices can not be ignored. Please spread it as far as you can. On Saturday Gazan civil society have called for a day of rage.… Read More »